Laser Series

Blue Laser Series

Blue laser is an important tool to innovate the processing and application of high-reflection materials. Thanks to the high absorption rate of copper and gold in the blue light area, blue laser is mainly used for the welding of various copper and gold pro Details

Yag Laser Series

The Yag laser is a laser with a zenon lamp as the pump source and a ND:YAG laser crystal as the laser working substance. The laser power source first pre-ignites the pulse lamp and then duscharges the pulse ammonia lamp through the laser power sourcd to g Details

Fiber Laser Series

The fiber laser is a laser that uses rare earth-doped sillica fibers as the gain mediums. When the pump light passes through the fiber, the rare-earth ions in the fiber absorb the pump light, and it’s electrons are excited to a gigher energy level, which re Details

Hybrid Laser Series

The hybrid welding laser adopts fiber laser and semiconductor laser as the mixed light sources. The two lasers work together on the workpiece through the gybrid welding head, and the collaborative control of the two lasers is reslized through the CPU core Details

Semi conductor Laser Series

Whit it’s unique nature of heat source and the characteristics of fiexible and adjustable spot size, and local heating, semiconductor lasers greatly help solve the problems that cannot be solved by traditional wire welding with the improvement of IC chip m Details

QCW Pulsed Laser Series

Quasi continuous Wave (QCW) fiber lasers are ideal for a variety of industrial applications that require long pulse widths and high peak values, such as spot welding, seam welding, etc. This product is designed to replace some YAG lasers in welding applic Details